Traffic Light Food List

RED LIST:  Foods to avoid, since they either are high in sugar, high-carbohydrate or toxic

  • Baked goods/grain-based foods.  All flours from grains, including rye flour, rice flour etc
  • All seed oil fats (canola, grape seed, corn), margarines, vegetable oils.
  • Chocolate <70% cocoa & all other sugar sweets
  • Fruits:  Sugar from fruit can shut down fat burning, which can increase hunger & slow your weight loss.  Enjoy only occasionally as a treat & NOT as a serving.  The one’s that can be used occasionally are on the orange list
  • Vegetables juices
  • All processed food, fast foods
  • Starchy Vegetables, like potatoes, legumes, beetroot, parsnips, peas etc
  • Processed meats
  • Honey, Agave, Sugar [1 teaspoon of honey is 25g of carbs]
  • Avoid alcohol, especially beers & ciders, which contains digested carbs that shut down fat burning.  Smarter choices, if you are having alcohol, would be wine (red or dry white), dry champagne, whiskey, cognac, vodka, but consider as a treat on the rare occasion.
  • Artificial Sweeteners.  There is many schools of thought here, but according to a few scientific studies, they can increase appetite and maintain a craving for sweet food.  Xylitol is not without carbohydrates, so don’t think this is 0g carbs!  And aspartame, found in the diet sodas, is linked to insulin issues.  Avoid aspartame, acusulfame K, saccharin, sucralose, splenda.
    If you have to have something sweet, have xylitol, stevia or erythritol granules!

Green List: All you can eat, however in you will have to watch certain of these if you are counting your carbs, like onion, tomatotes, dairy, protein, nuts!!!

Protein (eat between 0,8g-1,6g * ideal weight, protein quantity per day)

  • All meat, poultry, seafood and game
  • All eggs

Full fat/ full cream dairy, such as cream, milk, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese

Vegetables: majority of those grown above grown, such as cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, aubergines, asparagus, avocado, olives, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, leeks, radishes, spinach, kale, cabbage, lettuce, artichokes, celery, brussel sprouts etc

Nuts & Seeds: almonds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecan nuts, pine nuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts

Fats: avocado oil, butter, coconut oil, lard, duck fat, ghee, macadamia nut oil, olive oil, any rendered animal fat

Orange List:  The list below shows that if you have the amount specified, it will be around 23-25g.  So if you are trying to be in ketosis & are watching your carb level, be very cautious of these type of items (which are not all inclusive).  If you don’t know what the sugar/carb info is, and it’s not on any of these lists, I suggest you web search the nutritional information of that ingredient before eating

How you read this, is that 1 small banana a day will give you between 23-25g of carbs!!!


  • Apples, 1 1/2
  • Banana, 1 small
  • Blackberries, 3,5 cups
  • Blueberries, 1,5 cups
  • Cherries, 1 cup
  • Figs, 3 small
  • Guavas, 2
  • Litchis, 18
  • Kiwis, 3
  • Oranges, 2
  • Peaches, 2
  • Pears, 1
  • Pineapple, 1 cup
  • Plums, 4
  • Pomegranate, 1/2
  • Raspberries, 2 cups
  • Strawberries, 25


  • Cashews, 6 T


  • Avocados, 3
  • Butternut, 1 1/2 cups
  • Carrots, 5
  • Sweet potato, 1/2 cup

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