Insights into fermentation & the resulting bread, cheese and pickled vegetables

I have had an interesting couple of weeks, where I have been learning new techniques, interesting information & insight into food.

More specifically, I’ve been on

a) A Wild Fermentation course, that deals with how to use Kefir grains to make Kefir drinking yoghurt & Kefir cream cheese.  Beyond that the whey, a by-product in making Kefir cream cheese, is used as an ingredient in making pickled & fermented vegetables, for example ‘sauerkraut’.  Not only has this been a wide new area of knowledge for me, I’ve learnt fascinating medical information about the importance of this food for good gut health.

b) Cheese making course, that taught one how to make dairy products like yoghurt, cottage cheese, mascarpone to gouda, parmesan, feta & haloumi.  Absolutely fascinating! Again, another fermentation type of process.  Love, love, loved it.  So much new insight.

and lastly

c) Sour-bread course, that dealt with how to build and keep your starter culture, and how it’s used to ferment the grains to make various sour bread products.  It sounds like hard work, but it was a light bulb moment, in how simple it is to make real bread, with only 3 ingredients: water, starter & milled grain.  Even better how this process, unlike the industrial manufacturing of bread, allows even the gluten-intolerant individuals to eat bread again.  The negative, is you still have carbs, however a healthier version than store bought bread!

So unknowingly, all 3 have in common “fermentation” processes at the heart of the creation of good food.  I will be sharing my insights, knowledge, as well as attempts in making the above, in my blog over the next couple of weeks.

So fermentations, here I come!


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