Sugar and Carb Addiction Online Program starting in August

Awhile back I wrote about “Are you a sugar addict?  I know I am!” from my amazing experience at a full day “Stop Sugarcoating the Truth” workshop.

Karen, initiator and founder of

image of HELP Harmony Eating and lifestyle logo

has just launched an ONLINE Sugar and Carb addiction program, that starts 11th August.

Its a program I am contemplating doing, and I know if I am, there are many more who would be interested as well, so I thought I would share the details of the program.

The online program provides

  • 2 * Skype consultations with a Registered dietician from Original Eating, where they will give an individualised meal plan and advise you on your personal weight & health goals
  • Weekly modules
  • Webinars with dieticians, mindfulness practitioner and more!
  • Private online platform for daily guidance, feedback & support.

To find out more about this innovative much needed program, please go visit them on their website; or twitter feed HELPdietSA.




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