Dealing with Doubters, Sceptic’s & Nay-sayers of LCHF

I think we have all experienced at least one event of either friends, family, work colleagues and/or acquaintances, looking at us in disbelief or thinking, we are mad in following the LCHF lifestyle.  Their discomfort usually coming from the consumption of high fat, not believing it can be healthy!

How do you handle it?

I personally believe, nutritional advice is very personal and clearly very polarizing, causing great heated debate.
Shifting nutritional eating paradigms, makes most people uncomfortable.

But here is my personal thoughts and tips for consideration:

  1. Use your own experience
    Tell your own story and not others.  It’s your personal testimony, that you own, on how you have benefitted, be it weight, health, energy etc.
  2. Medical Research & Facts
    Don’t give general advice, rather base your feedback & information, on medical research, science and facts – that leads to less debate.  And be open to what you don’t know & what still is being learnt!
  3. Patience, patience, patience
    The reality is, we have all been taught the opposite of what we are now doing, and for many that change of thinking, is something some people are not prepared to listen to, or they could be fearful of change & what it could mean to them personally.  There will always be doubters & skeptic’s, however, be open to discussing the topic, if your friends & family, willingly bring it up.  Listen, don’t get defensive, and move on, if they become defensive.  It’s their issue, not yours!
  4. Courage & Perseverance
    Have the courage to continue on your path, in the face of adversity!  The only person who truly is aware of what you are going through, your emotions, your experiences, is you!
    As much as others may try to identify with you, it’s impossible:  you are the only one that can control what you say, do or act, you can’t control how others interpret that.  And at times, it may seem no matter how hard you try and explain yourself to others, they just won’t get it.
    Expect it.
    And embrace & celebrate your strength!

And remember…

“Not everyone will understand your journey.  That’s fine.  It’s not their journey to make sense of.  It’s yours.”


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