2nd Volume of the Inspiring LOSE IT! LCHF Digital Magazine

LCHF Quarterly Digital Magazine ‘LOSE IT!’ 2nd volume has just been released.


More inspirational stories, information, and best of all numerous new recipes!  And since it’s digital anyone globally can buy it.  YAH!!!

image of 2nd volume of lose it magazine

To purchase, click on the link & follow the instructions….it’s as easy as 1,2,3. https://www.mysubs.co.za/magazine/lose-it-the-tim-noakes-banting-way

Happy reading and finding more support & inspiration to the LCHF way of life!


20 thoughts on “2nd Volume of the Inspiring LOSE IT! LCHF Digital Magazine

    • Evening! It appears that zinio & mysubs are not digitally selling this copy any more, which is just crazy, since being digital, it’s great to be able to get back copies. Let me see if I have a PDF version I can share with you, esp the recipe section!


      • Hello I ordered 2 copies of Vol 2 and sent proof of payment over 3 weeks ago? Please can you follow up with this?
        Address 4 Byways 9 Crescent Road Claremont 7008.
        Thank you
        Dianne Grant – Smith


      • Evening Dianne. Nothing worse when you are not receiving the copies you’ve purchased!
        Unfortunately, I am not involved nor do I have any affiliation or contacts to the various media groups that are publishing and/or selling this magazine.
        My blog is in essence my experience & information I find useful, which I share & hope others find useful as well on their own individual journeys.
        That being said, if you ordered physical copies, then you might not be receiving it due to the postal strike…which seems never ending.
        If you ordered digital, you should be able to download immediately, if you have the app on your computer. If not, download the applicable app you require…the website should advise which app they use.
        My suggestion is you either contact them via their customer care section, or via their contact details provided on their website to find out what the delay is, and how they are resolving it for you!
        Best of luck & I hope you get your copies sooner, rather than later.
        Kind Regards, Angela.


      • Evening! So strange you didn’t receive my email. Could it be in your spam? I’m unable to send the pdf’s this week, since I am not at home, but will do so again next week for you.


    • Morning Vic. Apologies for the late response, but I’ve been neglecting my blog for a few weeks, but now I’m back on track.
      I mentioned earlier in the comment section of the blog, that it appears this volume is no longer being sold via digital, even though this doesn’t make sense to me! What I have tried to do, is email you my pdf version, this morning!


    • Morning, it’s been resent by two different email accounts to you this morning. If you don’t receive it, then I suspect you have a firewall in your system that is preventing it from being delivered.


      • Dear Angela Please note that I have received the magazine in the post ! Thanks Dianne >


      • Angela, I have now received this magazine twice. On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 11:39 AM and Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 9:57 AM. I think there was a delay initially in in sending and receiving. Thank you very much for all your trouble. Regards, Vic


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