Challenging Beliefs…how it all started

My journey towards low carb high fat, started in 2012, whilst traveling Asia.

I was visiting a friend in Singapore, when she remarked the one day, that she couldn’t understand how I was the weight I was (aka ‘obese’), considering how little I ate, that I was eating healthily (in terms of the current food pyramid) and that I wasn’t eating ‘junk’.

My response was “now you know what I am dealing with” i.e. I didn’t understand it myself.  And for me, it also illustrates the majority of peoples reactions of “she has to be overweight” in the belief “she must be eating too much (“greed”), she’s eating ‘junk’ and is lazy (“sloth”).  The irony is, that was & is not the case.

My friend was currently reading a book, she felt could potentially lead me to a solution ….and gave me “Challenging Beliefs” by Prof T. Noakes, to read.

Professor Tim Noakes words resonated within me, since it was clear, he was challenging the societal nutritional norms, of what created obesity, and tugged on a fundamental inner truth I had been battling with, that it “wasn’t my fault” I was obese.  I then started reading all the books & articles to understand more about low carb, high fat, and the science & thinking behind it.

And that really started the true LCHF process in January this year.  Yes, unfortunately it did take me over a year, to get motivated & informed enough, to begin!

And the journey came full circle, when I met a few weeks ago, Prof T. Noakes, who was my ignitor to my journey!  But that story is for another blog!


2 thoughts on “Challenging Beliefs…how it all started

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