Unlocking the chains, preventing weight loss

image of locks on fence

My body is finally starting to unlock the chains preventing my weight loss.

In the initial 4 months, the minimal weight loss made it hard to keep motivated. With the science & transparency behind LCHF nutrition, and how I was positively responding (energy, not feeling hungry etc) in following the lifestyle, it just felt right.

I have done so much damage to my body, by eating sugar & carbohydrates, that it wasn’t going to be an overnight process.  I had to be open to having no weight loss, whilst my body started healing and repairing itself.  I have had to learn patience, perseverance and understand if I had any food triggers in the current LCHF eating plan.

So a month later, I can definitely confirm that dairy has a negative impact on my weight, so I now eat it sparingly, instead of daily.  Usually only being cream maybe once or twice a week, as a minor ingredient in food.

No longer do I have cream in my coffee & teas, my substitute has become coconut cream and coconut milk.  I do not use dairy milk, and only very occasionally have cheese, the closest usually to me eating cheese is creme fraiche, mascarpone and cream cheese, which is a higher fat profile.

The homeopathic supplements, like Vitamin D, Omega’s, Probiotic etc, that I am taking also appear to be working in synchronicity.

I will be redoing my bloods at the end of this month to determine the changes in my health scores, however the BEST bonus for me, this last month has been the weight loss.

I have now officially lost 11 kg’s. 

It is a relief to know that all the “work”, the last 5 months, is finally starting to have an impact!

So for those of you out there in the same situation, don’t give up!  Learn what are your barriers, and unlock those chains.


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