Being open to NO Change…

Frustration.  Disappointment.  Sadness, the list continues…
FRUSTRATION being the core of all the emotions bombarding me.

It’s been close to 6 weeks, since I met with the medical expert in understanding why I wasn’t losing weight on LCHF & being on all the homeopathic type of medication to assist me, in my body correcting itself.

Since then……………………………………………no weight loss, and

another session with him, with no change to the program.  In parallel, I had another consult, and a confirmation from another medical practitioner, that I am on the right “program” and medication, and need to take a few more.  Sigh.

Adding to my regiment, is now

  • probiotic (immune, gut health)
  • Febro #2 (liver)
  • AdvaClear (liver)
  • omega 6

to assist & detox my liver, gut & immune system; all to enable my bodies barriers to breakdown for weight loss.

And the next steps I will be taking are:

  • redoing all the bloods in 6 weeks time, to determine if any of the markers shifted for the better;
  • removing ALL dairy from my diet for min.5 days to 2 weeks to determine if is having any affect on me (note: you can determine the effect of dairy after 5 days)
  • decrease protein intake to =<80g protein per day

Beyond that, it’s about patience.  I am doing all the right things, and time will only tell.  I have to be open to NO change.  I have to be open to the fact, my bodies barriers are going to take time to change & won’t happen miraculously overnight.

It’s with absolute envy and jealous that I read via different blogs & twitter feeds the amazing fast losses others are making.  I wish it were me.

Reality is, that is not my journey.  My journey appears to be one of patience, perseverance & learning.  Learning to determine which barriers need to break, before the descent in weight can occur.

Clearly, my journey is just beginning.
I need to be open to hearing what it says!

A song originally by the Hollies (sung here by Neil Diamond), pops to my mind due to the nature of the words “…the road is long, with many a winding turn, who leads ‘me’ to where, who knows where? But I’m strong”  So for those of you, in a similar situation to me, be strong!



3 thoughts on “Being open to NO Change…

    • Thank you for the kind words & support! It is always much appreciated. I have suddenly started having incremental weight loss, and will be blogging in the next few days to share the positive news and reasons why, which will hopefully provide inspiration to some and information to others!


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