I can’t believe it’s Almond Butter!!!

Eezy Peezy Home-made Almond Butter

image of almond butter in a glass jar

Homemade Almond Butter

I ran out of my shop-bought almond butter the other day, which I had been eating a teaspoonful of, whenever the snacking urge bit me!  Or when I had fresh LCHF bread, I used it, as my topping treat.

Now in parallel, I’ve been sitting with a bagful of almonds, which I had not been eating, since ironically I don’t enjoy eating nuts whole….it’s the texture & experience, that I simply don’t enjoy, don’t ask me why, I can’t explain.

So I’ve been using them to make almond flour, but I thought why not try make almond butter.  Seriously, I can’t believe how easy it was!  I wish I had known sooner, it would have been much more cost effective making my own, vs the cost of almond butter in the shops!

So you only need two things:-

1) raw almonds (with skin or blanched, the choice is yours!)

2) food processor (with the S-blade)

And lastly patience.

My machine is old, so it’s engine can’t run continuously, so it had to stop a few times to let the engine cool.

It’s as simple as throwing the almonds into the processor & running at full speed.

image of almonds being crushed in food processor

Crushed Almonds

The first stage looks all crumbly like broken biscuits or almond flour (as seen above).

image of crushed almonds binding in food processor

Crushed almonds binding

And slowly it’s starts binding, it really does! (as seen above).  And depending on how powerful the engine of your food processor is, it could take 5-10minutes or slightly longer, if you are like me, letting your engine cool when the light starts warning!

And then voila, it turns into the butter/paste, and you finally get almond butter!

Which was placed in a sterilized glass jar!

I couldn’t believe how simple & easy it was to make…

And a few of my friends scored some freshly made almond butter for the weekend.

I can’t wait to try macadamia, cashew and the like!


Note: to sterilize glass jars, you simply wash them and place them upside down on a rack in the oven and heat for 45minutes at 145 degrees celsius. The lids you place in boiling water for a minute, before using them to close the container.



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