Confession Time…

Guilt treads heavily…further sparking flames with the daily prompts evocative words ‘ring of fire’.

It’s time to confess.

“I am a sugar addict!”  Never, ever thought so!  Seriously!  I kicked carbs easily, never had any cravings or desires for them even at the start of LCHF (low carb high fat), which was surprising since I LOVE bread, mash and pasta.  Instead I developed an innate desire for sugar.  And I do not mean chocolate, I’ve had 3*2,5kg Lindt couverture milk, white & dark chocolate sitting in my house for ages….I just couldn’t be bothered with these! Have never ever eaten from them, no desire!

However Easter came along, 3 months into LCHF, and I was surrounded by pillowy, mellowy, mushable, yummi-licious chocolate marshmallow eggs.  My ultimate!  And I fell.

i bought a box, telling myself, I’d give it to friends & family.

They were devoured in two days by the lonesome me!  I couldn’t stop, even though I could rationalize why I should, my brain & body didn’t give a damn.

The fire emerged flaming & burning out of control.  I am a sugar addict.  It was then, and there I realized I couldn’t ever have it again. I couldn’t control it, but I refuse to let it control me!

So dusted the embers, accepted my fall, and learning how to cope without sugar…….aka I will have my cake, but now it will now be sugar free and carb free!





4 thoughts on “Confession Time…

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