Goals + Visibility = Accountability

“When you put your goals in front of others, there is accountability”,

is a statement I heard recently that deeply resonated with me.

There are currently two goals I have:-

The first goal is innate, and obvious through what I’ve already blogged & will be blogging.
Being overweight has been like having a wound.  Wounds are powerful, because although they can fester, if I am brave enough to heal them, I get to see all the things that they’ve taught me, and I get to turn them around into being pearls of wisdom, strength, learning to be gentle to myself & believing I am the masterpiece of my life.  So sharing my journey through LCHF not only ensures I am accountable, but also hopefully encourages others, as well as provides them tools to continue their journey!

My second goal, which will hopefully be quicker, and definitely a less emotive & physical process, is that I am learning ‘how to be better at blogging’.  So to accomplish this, I’ve joined the Blogging101: Zero to Hero WordPress Blogging U & I am also doing a course through university online, on web development.

So expect some changes & experiments on my site & I welcome any feedback you have any of these changes!

Thank you for being part of this journey!


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