How to keep motivated, even though you might not be losing weight!?!

Why am I not losing weight?

This has been my key question the last few weeks!

Why wasn’t I losing weight, when I have for 6o days, followed LCHF diligently, and eaten <=20g Net Carbs a day.  And still do!!!

I am tired of seeing all the amazing success stories in their short time spans, on my various social media connections.  Yes, it is fantastic, I love reading them, but it makes me feel slightly demotivated & a bit of a loser!

I know it’s not the right way to think, my logical brain tells me this, but we’ve been taught through our societal norms, that it has to be our fault that we are “fat”….although LCHF and the science behind this, is teaching us finally it’s not our fault.
Just a pity, that only the minority  of people understand this!
And my brain & heart, sometimes don’t listen to each other.  So my emotions get the best of me!  Or at least temporarily.

At no stage do I dispute the benefits of LCHF.  I believe in the science and more importantly the transparency of this lifestyle eating plan, when it comes to understanding what works & what doesn’t & why!  It satisfies my analytical mind vs. others, were they just want you to believe them since they are the “expert”.  This irritates me, since I’m not a child, I want to understand and be informed!

I feel fantastic on LCHF!  I now always feel full and satisfied after a meal, which was never the norm for me.  I have so much energy, and no longer go through the downfall of energy slumps which occurred after consuming refined or high carbs or sugar.

My feet used to ache in the mornings (aka plantar fasciitis), and this disappeared within a week into LCHF.  And also the benefit of minimal flatulence, since my intestines are not having to get bloated on refined carbs & sugar.  And clothes are looser, so I have lost a few centimeters, however NOT a size change.

But being as classified in medical terminology “morbidly obese” (i.e. BMI >35), I had expected to have lost at least 8 kg’s, and in fact have lost minimal, to be really be considered negligible.

I had also been diligent in the ‘what to do/not do list’, that is shown in most books:-

  1. Not cutting back on carbs enough (if weight plateauing try 50g, if that doesn’t work, then go under 20g)
  2. Not eating enough real food (that is, relying on processed low carb products like Atkins bars etc, when you need to eat real food)
  3. Stress (affecting your cortisol level, which is basically elevated stress hormones, which affect thyroid/insulin)
  4. Eating too many nuts (although high in fat, they are deceptive in carb loading)
  5. Eating too much protein (many rules of thumb that differ, but basically don’t overeat & use this to compensate for your lack of carbs & sugar; ideal is supposedly your aimed for weight -10%, so for example if you want to be 80kg’s your protein for the day is 72g; whilst Atkins states you can eat close to 125g per meal)  Wide difference, but this is were you need to test yourself to see the optimal weight of protein to consume.
  6. Avoiding fruit (adds a great deal to net carbs!)
  7. Not sleeping enough 
  8. Eating too much dairy (despite being low in carbs, lactose from the milk sugar can affect insulin)
  9. Exercising smart (so although doesn’t affect weight loss, it does allow you to feel good and assist you in continuing with the LCHF plan)
  10. Are you in optimal Ketosis?
  11. Eating too many sweeteners (it appears they can increase appetite)
  12. Medication that could be preventing weight-loss

I am following these rules diligently.  None were being ‘disobeyed’.

So I bit the bullet, and went to a specialist a week ago, to get all the tests done.  Initial thought was maybe I had hypothyroidism, which would explain the lack of weight loss.

It turned out to be a mixed bag of results.

So the GOOD NEWS is:

  • I do not have diabetes
  • I do not have hypothyroidism.  A hugh sigh of relief!
  • Lipid scores (LDL, HDL, Cholesterol, Triglyceride) are great….which proves to the disbelievers saturated fats & fats, can mean healthy scores!
  • Hba1c is also good & below the pre-diabetes norms
  • I am in the Ketogenic state, which means I’m doing LCHF right, and
  • Gut bacteria healthy

So what are the barriers?  I am…

  • Insulin resistant, my S-insulin fasting score proved it beyond doubt!
  • Cortisol readings show “acute fatigue
  • Vitamin D insufficiency, which just shows you, amazing African weather & sun, does not necessarily mean sufficient Vitamin D
  • A great deal of my other scores, show acute inflammatory reactions, for example my ferritin levels are double to what they should be 

All together contributing to why I am not losing weight.

It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders, to understand finally what was happening internally in my body.  LCHF is working, however my body is playing devil’s advocate with me.

So I am now trying to assist my bodies chemistry by taking:

  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Thyroid support
  • Inflammation relief
  • Grapeseed & Resveratrol

Details on what this medication is, is provided at the end of the blog.
The next 3 months are now an experimentation to see how my body reacts to this while driving a ketogenic eating plan (which I call the hardcore LCHF i.e. <20g Net Carbs).

It’s a journey, I’m persevering on, and I will add another page to my blog, to provide  my medical reading monitor & what is happening.

My thought was to share, just in case there are others in the same situation.
Believe in yourself, and do the tests!
Since sometimes, what we do is not enough!
We’ve done damage to our bodies through eating refined high carbs and sugars for many, many years, and for some, like me, it’s going to take time to rectify!



PLEASE NOTE, do not take these!!! Each person is unique & different & you need to firstly do the necessary medical tests & have a doctor/medical expert who also understands & believes in LCHF to advise you medically what is best for you!  What I am taking might not necessarily work, but it’s a journey to whatever will be the solutions to remove my bodies barriers to fat loss!

THYROID SUPPORT Solal:  Nutrient precursors required for thyroid hormone production. Iodine and tyrosine are combined by the thyroid gland to form tetra-iodo-thyronine (also known as T4 or thyroxine thyroid hormone) which is responsible for BMR (basal metabolic rate). Guggulipid, is an extract from the Indian Myrrh tree which stimulates thyroid gland activity, thereby increasing the production of thyroid hormones. Guggulipid also enhances the uptake of iodine into the thyroid gland.

RESVERATROL & GRAPE SEED Solal:  An antioxidant, commonly found in red grapes. It seems to mimic the anti-aging effects of calorie restriction. Animal studies indicate it decreases the harmful effects of high fat, high calorie diets. This is probably due to increased fat metabolism by activating the SIRT-1 enzyme. SIRT-1 improves blood sugar metabolism, insulin sensitivity and cell survival. Pterostilbene is a more potent derivative of resveratrol found in blueberries. Animal studies show that pterostilbene has similar effects to resveratrol but reaches higher levels in the blood and lasts longer in the body. Grape seed polyphenols are a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

INFLAMMATION RELIEF Solal:   Cat’s claw herb and Boswellia help prevent the formation of excessive inflammatory molecules. Beta-sitosterol also helps reduce the immune suppressing effect of excessive cortisol, produced by the body during times of inflammation. Contains a cat’s claw herb extract free of TOAs (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), unlike other cat’s claw extracts. Cat’s claw MUST be free of TOA to be effective.


10 thoughts on “How to keep motivated, even though you might not be losing weight!?!

    • Thank you! It has & is a learning curve, especially determining individually what drives our bodies! I will create a page in the next few days that shows the carb loading of food we should be cautious of…they should be used as treats & monitored instead of a daily event! Hopefully that could also further assist!


    • Pamela, my suggestion is if you haven’t already, do the following: go for the key blood tests (I can provide you a list if you like), to determine if one or more factors are contributing to this. This could already assist you greatly.

      Then also re-examine your LCHF eating plan, assuming you are doing all the correct things, then the most crucial are:
      1) Are you <50g carbs per day, if so, get down even further, potentially even down to =<20g/day?
      2) Some individuals get affected by dairy in terms of the sugars in the milk lactose. I suspect I might have to cut out for a period of time dairy to see how this affects me! This means no cream nor cheese for me, since I don't use milk.
      3) How much protein are you really eating? I know I am eating too much & also need to cut this down, since it is ultimately affecting my sugar, and thus my lack of weight-loss.

      As I say to myself, as long as I am trying & continuously getting better at it, I will succeed. It's about never giving up. It takes time to fix our internal bodies mechanisms, so we need to treat ourselves gently & kindly!


      • Thank you for taking time to reply. I would love for you to send me the list of blood tests. I do have an under active thyroid and have been on Eltroxin for many many years which I do have under control. I also know that my cortisol levels are too low. Doc wanted to shock my adrenals. I will fine tune my portion but I would love to know what you eat on a daily basis.
        One thing which amazes me is that with eating all this extra fat I haven’t put on weight and I really do feel like a different person.


      • Pam, I apologize for the delay in my feedback. I will forward you all information within the next 24 hours. I think our historic frames of reference battle with the concept of eating fat & it’s difficult to convince non-believers, however the reality is, we feel great & don’t pick up weight, as you mentioned. Beyond that, it’s the first time I have ever felt satisfied eating a meal in terms of not getting hungry a few hours later, were previously I would have a mood swing due to the sugar drop!


      • Pam, the tests I initiated with, which are not fully comprehensive, but which are a good start, are the following:
        Lipid Profile (s-cholestrol, s-ldl chol, s-hdl chol, s-non hdl chol, s-chol/hdl ratio, s-triglyceride), P-Glucose, Hba1c, b-hba1c, homocysteine, p-glucose fasting, s-insulin fasting, homa index, quicki index, glucose/insulin ratio, s-cortisol, liver function (s-bilirubin total & conjugated, s-alkaline phosphatase, s-g-glutamyl transferase, s-alt, s-ast, s-total protein, s-albumin, hs-crp), iron profile (s-iron, s-transferrin, s% saturation, s-ferretin), thyroid antibodies (anti tg antibody, anti tpo antibody), s-tsh, s-ft3,s-ft4, s-dehydroepiandrosterone, vitamin d25.
        Thereafter, your doctor/specialist should be able to advise you on any follow-up/further ones that might be relevant!

        But basically, it looked at key triggers that would explain lack of weight loss i.e. insulin, thyroid, gut-flora, vitamin deficiencies etc

        In terms of food, my best suggestion, is keep a food diary. In that way you are honest with yourself, while I am then :-> Also to ensure weight loss you need to experiment and start checking that your net carbs <50g per day, you might have to even drop further. I am experimenting with 20g/day, however I might have to drop it further to 10g. But before I do this, I need to drop my protein quantity (range should be between 0,8g* ideal weight you want to be – 1,6g*ideal weight you want to be per day), one needs to play around and see what your trigger level is. Another is dairy, which due to the lactose solids therefore sugar, can cause lack of weight loss. I have cream not milk, and minimal cheese.
        So my normal eating day is: egg (scrambled, poached, fried options) with bacon for b/fast, a small snack at lunch like biltong or avocado or my hamburger roll (check my recipes out) with almond butter or linseed crackers with c/liver pate etc…, and supper is vegetables or vegetable gratin (recipe on my blog) or salad with protein. So last night it was steak with mushroom cream sauce and salad.


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