Ta-dah!!! My sugarcraft final submissions

One of my promises I made to myself this year, was that any hobby I did for 2013 would be something new.  Something I had never done before! Something were I could learn a new skill or craft!

It could be nothing that I already knew or enjoyed.  For example, I love pottery, however any money I was spending this year, would be money spent learning something new!

So the start of the year, I started a sugar-craft course that was for 3 months, 1/2 day once a week.

It made me realise that expertise and skill comes from practice, practice and practice…besides the insight of “patience” and not rushing.  AND that it takes time, so one needs to plan and not do it last minute, since that ain’t gonna work!

And at the end we had to submit a wedding cake, occasion cake, birthday cake and cupcakes, besides certain number and types of sugar flowers.

And I can’t resist sharing my submissions.

These are the results of my newly developing skills…..

I encourage everyone, just to try one new thing…it’s amazing what comes from that experience!  Big or small!?!


Bouquet of Cupcakes (peeked with bee and dragonfly)


Ladies Birthday Cake


Xmas 2-tier cake (baubles & gift)


Wedding Cake|  Bird-cage 4-tier


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